Bunshichi Tanba
丹波文七 (たんば ぶんしち)
Debut Vol. 1
Origin Japan
Age About 30
Membership(s) n/a
Height 182 cm
Weight 104 kg
Fighting style Karate
Bunshichi Tanba (丹波文七, Tanba Bunshichi) is the main protagonist of the Garouden manga series.


The main protagonist fighting to prove his strength to himself. Bunshichi Tanba is a rough and tough street fighter and Dojo-Crasher whose entire existence revolves around hand-to-hand combat. He makes sport of raiding various dojos and gyms and mercilessly defeating the strongest fighters present at each. Tanba follows his own path through the martial arts, and though he is primarily a karateka he also employs wrestling and other grappling techniques along with various "dirty" street fighting moves.

He is a very obstinate person. After losing a match to Kajiwara he realized he wasn't as strong as he perceived himself to be and disappeared for three years in which he trained himself intensely to avenge his loss and never lose to anyone again.




He's a good street fighter. Tanba was a skilled fighter from the beginning of the story, from his early teens to his twenties he has fought in many street fights. While he has never formally trained or competed, he is quite skilled in karate and wrestling. He knows various techniques and is able to end a most fights in only a few moves. He often hunts and challenges various champions of many martial arts, from boxers to traditional styles to sumo, to no rules fights in public. As a street fighter he knows many techniques not allowed in formal fights, such as tearing the cheeks or poking out their eyes as well low blows. He is also skilled in using the terrain and improvising weapons.