Chuck Lewis
Debut Vol. 130
Origin USA
Age Unknown
Membership(s) n/a
Height 198 cm
Weight 95 kg
Fighting style Boxing

Chuck Lewis (チャック・ルイス, Chakku Ruisu) is a heavyweight boxing Champion.

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As a heavyweight boxer, Chuck Lewis is highly skilled in the sport, being able to use all of its skills to compete with other high level martial artists. This is especially impressive because of how limited boxing is when compared to other fighting styles. As a boxer, Chuck relies only of punches and defensive skills, having no other techniques such as kicks, holds, throws, etc. He makes up for this however, though the use of his foot work, giving him a much greater range than other martial artists. He is able fight from over a meter away, while still having enough knock out power to win in one punch. His main punch is his left Jab, which he has used to win his way through the tournament.