Hiroshi Nagata
長田 弘 (ながた ひろし)
Debut Vol. 14
Origin Japan
Age Unknown
Membership(s) FAW
Height 183 cm
Weight 123 kg
Fighting style Pro Wrestling
Hiroshi Nagata (長田 弘, Nagata Hiroshi) is a professional wrestler of FAW, he is an experienced fighter of FAW, known for his endurance and fighting ability.

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With 15 years of experience, Nagata is a highly skilled wrestler, knowing various holds, throws, takedowns, and strikes. In addition to this he is also skilled in karate, judo and the Takemiya Ryuu which was taught to him by Fujimaki Jyuzo. He is known for high endurance, often taking his opponents attacks head on until he sees an opportunity to counter attack. He can even continue to fight with fractured bones.