Igorie Bob
Igory bob
Debut Vol. 73
Origin Russia
Age About 30
Membership(s) Hokushin School (former)
Fighting style Mixed Martial Arts
Hokushin Karate
Igorie Bob (イゴーリー・ボブ, Igōrī Bobu) is a Mixed Martial Arts champion, with a history in the Hokushin Karate.

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Igorie Bob is a professional Mixed Martial arts fighter, and as such he is well versed in many styles on combat. However, he is best suited for striking, having trained in kickboxing and Hokushin karate by Shozan Matsuo himself, he is skilled in many strikes, blows and kicks. When he trained at Hokushin, even while only a white belt, he was one of the strongest fighters there. The only person there who could beat him was Shozan himself.

As a mixed martial artist with a background in striking he is skilled in take down defense, being able to escape clinches or being thrown. However, he can still be taken down by a skilled enough wrestler like Makoto Tatsumi.