Juzo Fujimaki
藤巻 十三 (ふじまき じゅうぞう)
Debut Vol. 6
Origin Japan
Age About 30
Membership(s) Takemiya Ryu School
Fighting style Takemiya Ryu
Juzo Fujimaki (藤巻 十三, Fujimaki Jūzō) is the current master of the Takemiya Ryu school of martial arts. He is currently wanted for murder. 

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For the first time, he appears as a mysterious figure wearing a baseball cap and sweat suit.

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Takemiya Ryuu is a dangerous martial art, known for is diverse move set. It claims to have strikes, throws and holds better than those in karate, judo and wrestling. Being a master of this style Fujimaki is a dangerous and effective martial arts, skilled in all of its secret techniques. Years of training have given him physical abilities well beyond normal human limits, even among the strongest fighters however, he is well known for his speed and strength. He is also known for the accuracy of his attacks. He seems to prefer grappling techniques, often ending a fighting with a joint lock or hold. However he is not weak in striking, being able to match karate experts in blows.