Jyohei Tsutsumi
堤 城平 (つつみ じょうへい)
Debut Vol. 15
Origin Japan
Age Unknown
Membership(s) Hokushin School
Height 167 cm
Weight 80 kg
Fighting style Hokushin Karate
Jyohei Tsutsumi (堤 城平, Tsutsumi Jyōhei) is a fictional character from the Garouden manga series. He's a student of the Hokushin School.

Personality Edit

A deliveryman by day, he is a fierce fighter that awed Bunshichi with his fighting skills. Harboring a desire to fight him and with Matsuo Shozan's approval, Tatsumi organizes an everything goes fight with Tanba which ends with him defeating Jyohei by knockout. Tsutsumi is visited by Tanba in the hospital while he is recovering showing that the two have become friends.

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Abilities Edit

Jyohei is skilled in Hokushin style of karate, being able to match Tanba and force him to the breaking point to win. He, as a karate practitioner, is well versed in many blows, strikes and kicks. through years of training he has developed strength, speed and endurance well beyond regular human limits. He has also shown great durability, being able to take an opponents blows without flinching, and beating them often with one blow.