Kokichi Hata
Kata yukiyoshi
畑 幸吉 (はた こうきち)
Debut Vol. 126
Origin Japan
Age Unknown
Membership(s) Kyoushin School of Traditional Budo
Height 175 cm
Weight 71 kg
Fighting style Traditional Budo Kyoushin-ryu

Kokichi Hata (畑 幸吉, Hata Kōkichi) the current master of the Traditional Budo, Kyoushin-style.

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As a master of the Kyoushin Style of Traditional Budo, Hata Kokichi is skilled in all of the techniques of the style. This style, having existed for 300 years, only uses limited contact sparring, while this limits the fighters effectiveness, a skilled enough practitioner can still be an effective fighter. This style is focused on counterattacking, so usually Hata will take the beatings from his opponents to set up for a throw or joint lock, usually leading to dislocations and fractures. With the help an unusual training drill, Hata has developed his Dynamic vision to it's fullest, allowing him to counter even the fastest attack even if they hit him. As he is skilled in all the techniques of this style, he also knows the deadly forbidden techniques, allowing him to end any fight, at the risk of killing or seriously injuring his opponents.