Kosei Ino
井野 康生 (いの こうせい)
Debut Vol. 110
Origin Japan
Age Unknown
Membership(s) n/a
Height 183 cm
Weight 100 kg
Fighting style Judo
Kosei Ino (井野 康生, Ino Kōsei) is an Olympic gold medalist in judo from the Garouden manga series.

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As an Olympic gold medalist, World and Asian Champion in Judo, winning many national and international tournaments, Kosei Ino is one of, if not the best Judokas in the series. He is skilled in the many throws, holds, joint locks and submissions of judo. While he is strong enough to repeatedly lift and throw a heavy weight wrestler with various techniques, he is able to use an opponents own force to set them up for a throw or takedown. He is also skilled in various joint locks, allowing him many ways to force his opponents into submitting. However, he seems to prefer to end his fight with an asphyxiation technique, depriving them of air or blood to the brain, knocking them out.