Makoto Tatsumi
巽真 (たつみ まこと)
Debut Vol. 5
Origin Brazil
Age Unknown
Membership(s) FAW
Fighting style Pro Wrestling
Makoto Tatsumi (巽真, Tatsumi Makoto) the founder and champion of FAW (Federation of Amateur Wrestling). He is known as the "Great Tatsumi" (グレート巽, Gurēto Tatsumi).

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Originally from Brazil, this man, half Brazilian-half Japanese, was the adopted son of a cruel wrestler that enjoyed torturing him. He later confronted the man in a restaurant bathroom and castrated him with his bare hands, before leaving the man to commit seppuku. He became a pro wrestler and soon became bored with the theatrics and fakeness of pro wrestling and stepped into the "underground stage" in the USA, where human beings were treated as cockfighters.

Abilities Edit

Despite Pro Wrestling being considered only a theatrical athletic performance, many wrestlers are skilled fighters. Tatsumi is considered a legend among them for his high martial arts skills. He even fought in underground no rules fights, beating there champion and earning the money needed to start his own federation. Thanks to years of training, Tatsumi has developed strength, speed and endurance well beyond normal human limits, being matched only by Shozan Matsuo in ability.