Shozan Matsuo
松尾象山 (まつお しょうざん)
Debut Vol. 3
Origin Japan
Age Unknown
Membership(s) Hokushin School
Height 175 cm
Weight 100 kg
Fighting style Hokushin Karate
Shozan Matsuo (松尾象山, Matsuo Shōzan) is the founder of the Hokushin School. One of the strongest characters in the Garouden series, that not even Tanba Bunshichi, and Fujimaki Jyuzo could defeat him.

Personality Edit

He is a master karate who wishes to measure his strength. He calls himself "The Strongest of all". Wishing to fight strong opponents, he organizes a tournament with Tatsumi giving the winner a chance to challenge him.

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Abilities Edit

Shozan is the founder and a master of Hokushinkan Karate, he developed this style over several decades, focusing on hard sparring and real fights. He is one of, if not the strongest fights in the word. Many years of training have given him strength, speed and endurance beyond the limits of regular human ability. As a Karate master, he is skilled in many strikes, punches, kicks and blows. He often beats most opponents in one blow. He is extremely strong, able to rip through Tamati with his bare hands. Even strong fighters like Bunshichi Tanba or Tsutomu Himekawa aren't able to fight with him. While training, he fought with large animals, such as bulls, oxen and even bears. He even killed some with one blow.