Teruo Kataoka
片岡 輝夫 (かたおか てるお)
Debut Vol. 73
Origin Japan
Age Unknown
Membership(s) n/a
Height 182 cm
Weight 95 kg
Fighting style Shiseikan Karate
Teruo Kataoka (片岡 輝夫, Kataoka Teruo) is a master of Shiseikan karate, a crude and painful style that is based into inflicting damage on one's body to make it tougher. He fought in the Hokushin karate open tournament.

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Teruo is a master of the hardest of karate styles, training in which is aimed at hitting the striking points of the body on hard objects, until they are as hard as stone, making the whole body becomes a "living weapon". After dedicating 20 years to training, Teruo can easily break various objects with his bare hands. He has shown to be able to seriously damage other fighters with only a few strikes.