Toshio Kajiwara
梶原年男 (かじわら としお)
Debut Vol. 2
Origin Japan
Age About 30
Membership(s) FAW
Fighting style Pro Wrestling + Karate
Toshio Kajiwara (梶原年男, Kajiwara Toshio) is a FAW professional wrestler who faught and beat Bunshichi Tanba when he challenged the FAW dojo.





Kajiwra is a trained pro wrestler of FAW with 4 years of wrestling experience, in addition he also has 6 years of street fighting experience as well giving him over a decade of fighting experience. As a wrestler, he is skilled in various holds, throws, takedowns and strikes. In addition to his wrestling skills he is also a blackbelt in Hokushin karate, making his strikes even more dangerous. He is known to have a very solid body, being described as being like a rock rapped in layers of paper. Relying on this, he will take an opponents attacks until he see an opportunity to counter them, ending the fight in one move.


  • He is probably based on a Japanese promoter and retired mixed martial artist and professional wrestler Akira Maeda.