Tsutomu Himekawa
姫川勉 (ひめかわ つとむ)
Debut Vol. 3
Origin Japan
Age About 30
Membership(s) Hokushin School
Height 186 cm
Weight 87 kg
Fighting style Hokushin Karate
Tsutomu Himekawa (姫川勉, Himekawa Tsutomu) is a disciple of Shozan Matsuo.

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Tsutomu trained in traditional karate before his training Hokushinkan Karate, as well as many other styles giving him a large arsenal of techniques to chose from. While he has rarely fought in real matches, he is well known as a legendary fighter because of rumors of his strength and skills in the martial arts world. Through years of intense training he has developed strength, speed and endurance beyond normal human limits.he is well known for his speed, being able to evade all his opponents attacks. It is alleged that he can track an attack or movement within a millisecond. He often only evades an attack by a few centimeters by only shifting himself slightly, making it appear that his opponents missed and that he didn't move at all.

He tried to fight Shozan and got his arm broken. But, Tsutomu didn't lose the fight. It ended in a draw to be resolved later. His speed and accuracy are unmatched and he fights and wins in beautiful style, just like an ice skater or a ballet dancer would perform their skills. He is the one that aims to defeat Shozan and has never lost a fight.